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Tell About A Star

star of the dayThe are so many people doing so many good things in this whole wide world that it is impossible to keep track of each one of them how good I may be in my research skills.

The ‘Stars’ that do little things which make huge impact can glitter the most but due to their uncountable nature, it’s difficult to spot each one of them.

It will be a privilege if all of you come forward and spot one such ‘Star’ for me who you may know about. That would strengthen my endeavor no limit. All you need to do is just mention the name and the contribution made or the feat achieved by that ‘Star’. From that point, I will try to get him/her the global attention through this blog.

A contribution from you can start and strengthen a chain that can bring such ‘Stars’ to the forefront and make the whole world know about that ‘Star of the Day’.

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