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Tarun Dhillon – Defeating Disability

June 23, 2009

His movement may be restricted but his determination knows no limitation and that eggs him on to perform like a man on a mission, at times outshining his able-bodied counterparts, on the badminton court. Tarun Dhillon is just 12 and he is visibly different from others, not because of his disability but his ability to […]

Namit Bahadur – Champion Boxer

June 11, 2009

While it can be considered as yet another instance of Indian Government turning a blind eye towards recognizing sportsmen of champion ability, young 16-year-old flyweight boxer Namit Bahadur kept chasing his dreams and achieved what he was destined to – winning bronze medal at the World Junior Boxing Championship, his first international meet. Namit comes […]

Dutch Cricket Team – Defeated England in World Cup

June 6, 2009

The mecca of cricket – Lord’s – would have imagined a red and blue beginning as it’s playing field embraced the third guise of cricket, the T20 format, for the first time during the inaugural match of the ICC World T20 World Cup between the host England and the Netherlands. Instead, orange became the flavor and color of the day. […]