What you aspire can be achieved

About Me

Call me JSYou can call me JS, though my paternal name is Jaspreet Singh Sahni. That’s quite long, JS is fine I guess. I am a journo now, after I aspired to be one for 5 years. Thanks to God for making me one, not sure about my future though (who is by the way). So thought I should enjoy the space in media destiny has provided me. That makes me work enthusiastically.

I already have a blog ( which talks mainly about cricket and occasionally about any other interesting item that catches my eye.

Teachers in school always told “become an achiever, don’t remain an aspirer”. I think everybody in this world is an aspirer, aspiring for something or the other. Only the chosen ones become achievers because most of us keep changing our aspirations from time to time, though destiny and situation play a big role in that inevitable change we make.

So thought I should showcase that one individual I may come across (through Internet, newspapers or magazines) on this blog who achieved something…any aspect..across the globe… that can act as motivation for all of us to make that leap from an aspirer to an achiever.

And yes, if any of you want to turn my attention to any such ‘Star’,  you are most welcome to get him showcased here as our ‘Star of the Day’.



3 Responses to “About Me”

  1. O surely! Look forward to talk to you!

  2. Hi JS,

    Thanks for visiting my site and for the appreciation. It always feels nice to meet fellow Indians on the net.

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