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Picture Story: Determination Beyond Imagination

Many of you might have seen this in the Inboxes of your mail accounts but that’s not a deterrent for me to showcase and bring to you this amazing story in pictures. Each time I look at it, I learn a new lesson.

My Advice: View one picture at a time. Don’t rush, go slow! 

My Request: I have never asked for your comments. I have always left it to your discretion whether you want to comment or not. But for this one story, I would like to make a humble request to please comment, not to lengthen the comment thread but to learn a different lesson that my eyes might have missed.


How cute he is to imitate a human walk. Isn’t it!


Aha! He is a star I guess. Performing in a classroom, much to the kids’ delight.


And he knows how to look after his companions at home.


You still think he was entertaining?


Ah, that can’t be true! My heart goes out for him! Suddenly, I find my existence minuscule in front of his speechless doggedness!


He is welcomed everywhere he goes. The strength of his character is so uplifting.


Oh boy, let me take you in my arms!


At the right place, teaching determination!


A pat on the back for giving us a silent lesson on willpower.

This blog salutes one of our brightest star until now to become ‘STAR OF THE DAY’.


2 Responses to “Picture Story: Determination Beyond Imagination”

  1. I’ve seen this dog before, but it never stops me from being impressed by him. I work as a dog groomer, and I’ve seen dogs that can barely make it around on four legs, let alone two. We do have a little tri-pod poodle that comes in, but unlike this dog you’d never notice unless…well…you looked. It’s amazing what dogs can do, and how willing they are to overcome their own limitations.

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