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Kantha Singh – Adopting Orphaned Future

Kantha Singh_2Kantha Singh has three biological children but he doesn’t have his kids living with him. His ‘immediate family’ disengaged it’s relation with him due to his love for his ‘extended family’: the 42 orphan kids he has adopted. On hearing 3-year-old Nani – one of his adopted children – crying, Singh leaves the scene to pick him up.

About 200 km north of Ranchi in India is a village called Dampara in Jharkhand’s East Singhbhum district, which is house to Kantha Singh’s orphanage where he is bringing up these kids. What’s more astonishing is the way he raises these deserted children of tribal communities. He begs to feed them!

This 45-year-old former car mechanic had to shut down his garage to convert it into a makeshift shelter cum school. So for the welfare of these children and more importantly to feed them, he now begs and offers free services in villages with a group of volunteers. “I don’t feel any humiliation begging for alms as I am carrying out God’s work,” he says. On occasions, however, such miniscule offerings are not enough. “At times, we just have salt and rice to eat. Some day, I hope these children get an education and go on to become government babus (officers),” says a hopeful Singh.

Singh’s care, love and concern for his kids echo in his statement: “Reckless alcoholism and the polygamy leave tribal children to fend for themselves. Once orphaned, these children either die prematurely or spend their childhood working as bonded labourers in farmhouses and fields.”

Kantha Singh_1The destitute state of Kantha Singh and his adopted children, however, may soon be over. Hearing his soul-touching story, the President of India Mrs. Pratibha Patil invited him to visit her at the Rashtrapati Bhavan (President’s residence). The President’s office promised extended support to Singh in his selfless endeavor.

Neelkanth, Mamoni and Sonamoni are three of the 42 kids to whom Kantha Singh is a father figure. When asked of their father’s name, they promptly reply, “My father’s name is Kantha Singh.” That, for me, sums up the bonding between this God-like soul and his lovable kids.

I, on behalf of Star of the Day, call for as much support as possible for this man’s efforts. Those who wish to come forward can log on to and indicate their willingness to help in whatever way they can. Let’s help the efforts of Kantha Singh, our ‘Star of the Day’.

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