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Introducing ‘GUEST POSTS’

‘Star of the Day’ is privileged to announce the addition of a new feature: GUEST POST. As an endeavor to introduce those who have been frequent visitors to this blog and helped it grow in any aspect, we would invite them to write a ‘guest post’ on a subject of their choice. It might not be related to this blog but the sheer presence of those loving individuals here will be a source of inspiration and motivation to keep watering the plant called ‘Star of the day’.

So beginning today, we have invited an eminent writer and reviewer of books – Rebecca Anne Emrich – from Canada to share her viewpoints on the ‘art of writing’. It was a stroke of good fortune that I came across her wonderfully enriching blog titled ‘Living a Life of Writing’, which gave me an in-depth knowledge about writing. Following her blog has become almost second habit for me and it gives me immense pleasure to be able to post her golden words on my blog. So without eating up more space, I would let her words take over. Read on!

WHAT’S CHALLENGING WHEN YOU WRITE? (Guest Post by Rebecca Anne Emrich)

That’s the one important question I’ve had to ask myself, how does one person get about 3,000 words done in a day and I’m happy if I get 750? It used be this way, but now I’m not.

It wasn’t until recently that I looked over my answer. Because I’m happy? No, no! I’m not! But that doesn’t make me want to write more. In fact often it makes me want to do the very opposite, stop writing, do something anything else. If it goes on to long, it can even become the excuse of the day. Some call it “priorities” some call it “breaking” some will call it more bluntly “lazy”. I call it the beginning of an art form that every profession and aspiring professional writer fears.

For me it’s the art of procrastination, the fine art, which I’m certain everyone has, and every write does to a certain degree.

Planning and dreaming of what you are going to do is one thing. While you’re planning and dreaming, you’re really not doing anything. While thinking and planning are good and I do this often, the commitment to writing id difficult. I can make some very convincing excuses. One of my friends, over an evening of discussing writing, (This is a guy thing… so the effect didn’t work as well on me) said writers should drop the “pro” and the “ination” add a couple of letters and you will get: Castrate.

I laughed, but the boys didn’t seem to be pleased with my sense of humor. The point is that when you’re happy with “just” what you are doing will be exactly that. Just. I believe it’s because we want to do better that is why we get angry, or upset, at the writers who won’t let excuses, and double thinking get in their way. Yes, I know you have kids, you only have twenty-four hours in a day, you need to work, you need to eat, you need to sleep, you need family time, you need time for yourself.

Do you NEED to write? 


See, many writers find a million excuses not to write or edit or do something we all dislike. But we lose in the end. It’s not easy to think of what we can do when we’re finding things not to do. I love writing, and it comes first, well second. I have two girls under the age of five. I still find time to work around this. Coffee or tea is great to drink while I type away. I don’t go to the latest movie or spend time reading the new bestseller. I have writing and creating to do. Each day I’ll work about 6 hours on my book. It’s on the final edit. My editor also thinks like a reader, and thank goodness for that.

Writing can be challenging, but it’s also fun. If you are committed to writing and publishing, there will be highs and lows and challenges and excuses. Commitment is vital and so is passion and love of writing. Challenge yourself and have fun. Each day is new and each day has its own rhythm but also a routine; use both to your advantage. Keep pen to paper and no excuses and you will succeed in your goal of becoming a published author or a better writer.

My Question for you is this: What are your excuses and why do you use them?

Thanks so much to JS for giving me this privilege to write on his blog. I hope you have enjoyed my perspective on the basic challenges every writer faces. JS is a wonderful writer, and I have no doubt he will be a successful published author soon.

2 Responses to “Introducing ‘GUEST POSTS’”

  1. Thanks so much for your wonderful introduction, of course I thank you.

    Wonderful blog as always. I hope to be able to guest blog again one day.

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