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Rani Verma – World at her ‘feet’

Rani VermaA 17-year-old being able to write, draw and use a cell phone and laptop is not something one would take note of; anybody in that age-group can do it with consummate ease. But this 17-year-old named Rani Verma is different. Why? Because she does it with her feet.

Rani Verma is surviving on two limbs since the age of nine when she lost her arms to a pumping accident. Those eight years from the day her arms were completely amputated to today knit a story that gives me goose bumps. Surviving just on feet is no mean feat. Rani owes it to her late mother who made her believe that life doesn’t end here.

“Both my arms had to be amputated fully. Even though I was a girl, my mother Suryapati Devi – a teacher at a primary school – taught me to write with my toes,” says Rani. She found it disrespectful initially to touch the books with her feet. “Wouldn’t it amount to dishonoring the goddess Saraswati (Indian deity who gives knowledge)?” Rani questioned herself. Nonetheless, she had her mother by her side then who helped Rani overcome her reservations.

“My mother died of a stroke the day before my class 10 examination. On her deathbed, she told me not to give up my studies. I will definitely become an engineer and join the Indian Administrative Service,” a resolute Rani uttered. Her words are backed by evidence to show. This woman of substance from the Dallipur village in Varanasi, India, has passed the Uttar Pradesh Technical University entrance exam and is set to pursue her engineering degree at the RKGIT College at Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh, India. “We will bear all her expenses. She is a brilliant girl,” said the college Chairman, D. K. Goel.

In a country where the girl child is still an unwanted lot, Rani’s father, Ramesh Chand Verma, has set an example for the rest to follow. Raising a child who has no arms and no mother by her side is no petty job. He is a smalltime farmer but never let the financial constraints come in way of Rani’s studies. He made sure that she got what she wanted when it came to completing her education and realizing her dream. “We never considered her a burden for being a girl. She changed her own destiny and one day will change ours too,” said a strong-hearted and hopeful father.

Rani is about to start the journey towards realizing her cherished dream of becoming a mechanical engineer. God willing, she will go on to become an officer in the Indian Administrative Services one day but she is already our ‘Star of the Day’.

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