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Kantha Singh – Adopting Orphaned Future

September 12, 2009

Kantha Singh has three biological children but he doesn’t have his kids living with him. His ‘immediate family’ disengaged it’s relation with him due to his love for his ‘extended family’: the 42 orphan kids he has adopted. On hearing 3-year-old Nani – one of his adopted children – crying, Singh leaves the scene to […]

Introducing ‘GUEST POSTS’

September 12, 2009

‘Star of the Day’ is privileged to announce the addition of a new feature: GUEST POST. As an endeavor to introduce those who have been frequent visitors to this blog and helped it grow in any aspect, we would invite them to write a ‘guest post’ on a subject of their choice. It might not […]

Rani Verma – World at her ‘feet’

September 10, 2009

A 17-year-old being able to write, draw and use a cell phone and laptop is not something one would take note of; anybody in that age-group can do it with consummate ease. But this 17-year-old named Rani Verma is different. Why? Because she does it with her feet. Rani Verma is surviving on two limbs since […]