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Joginder Singh – Adding strength to differently-abled

Joginder SinghFrom crawling due to polio as a 10-year-old to a national-level weightlifter at the age of 23, the story of Joginder Singh is there for every differently-abled person to emulate.

Joginder started his workout regime when he was 13, ignoring all the advice cum warnings of his near and dear ones. “I used to tell him that his legs were weak and he shouldn’t take any risk as he had barely started walking after nine surgeries,” says his mother Jaswant Kaur.

Very few knew what Joginder had in my mind when he started working out. Having experienced the anguish of polio disability, he wanted to bring smiles on the faces of similar individuals. To fulfill his desire, he opened up a gymnasium – Workout Wonders – in January 2009 in New Delhi, India, to provide an opportunity to the differently-able to work out free of charge, while he charges from others to maintain his dream project.

Not only does he allow free use of the facility to the differently-abled, he also trains them for body-building competitions. “You should first show the muscles of your right arm as a surprise and then flaunt the triceps of the other arm. Do this with a disarming smile,” he instructs.

Joginder takes the support of crutches to walk but that doesn’t stop him from driving his “customized” car using a hand-operated rod to control the accelerator and brake pedals. His fortitude does rub off to others, as in the case of Amarjeet Singh, one of the polio-affected contestants, who saw Joginder at an arm-wrestling championship and got inspired to follow in his footsteps. “That was the time when I aimed to become as macho as him,” says Amarjeet.

An alumnus of the SGTB Khalsa College of Delhi University, Joginder helps physically-disabled students at the time of college admissions every year. He lends a helping hand to those students in completing admission formalities and choosing the right college for themselves.

Joginder’s hardships have not yet ended. To fund his dream project, he took a loan that needs to be repaid. Besides, he is the one who feeds his entire family. A government job is what he aspires to get to ease off his financial burden.

Evidently, he is a tough nut and not ready to give in to adversity. Nowadays, he is preparing himself for the trials of Asian Games in 2010. God bless our ‘Star of the Day’!

7 Responses to “Joginder Singh – Adding strength to differently-abled”

  1. What an Amazing person

  2. can i have his phone number please. i would like to interview him.

  3. What a great story. Thank you very much for showing this. Someone should offer to show him how to set up a donations website so people can donate to help pay off his loan. I would volunteer to do so, but I have a hard enough time figuring out how to change the color of my font in my own blog, and really know nothing beyond the fact that I’ve seen such sites before.

    • Thanks for the encouraging words and thanks for taking time out to visit my place. Your advice about raising charity is well worth it and should I get a chance, I will spread the word for sure.

  4. my number is 9990768116

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