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Namit Bahadur – Champion Boxer

Namit BahadurWhile it can be considered as yet another instance of Indian Government turning a blind eye towards recognizing sportsmen of champion ability, young 16-year-old flyweight boxer Namit Bahadur kept chasing his dreams and achieved what he was destined to – winning bronze medal at the World Junior Boxing Championship, his first international meet.

Namit comes from an isolated nook called Birsanagar in Jamshedpur. Invading a little further into this bucolic village, you will find yourself outside four rickety walls carrying a tiled roof that house a famous son called Namit Bahadur who proudly wears the bronze on his chest. “I took up this sport when I was six and have been at it since,” he proclaims. His elder brother Rajaram, a former junior national champion, inspired him to be a boxer.

Namit, an avid student, was equally worried about his matriculation result on returning home with the medal. “I was called for the national camp three months before my matric exams. So there I was, hitting the books after five hours of intense training. There were times when I didn’t know when I fell asleep,” he said. He felt like a million-dollar baby on discovering that his hard work earned him 65% marks.

He is the youngest of four siblings of a Nepali father and Bengali mother. Hardships were a daily routine for Namit with lack of finances. He would often sleep with half-empty stomach and paddle his bicycle for about 10 km daily to reach JRD Sports Complex for training. “Sometimes it became very tiring but I loved boxing too much to quit,” he says remembering those days. Being a power game, boxers need special diet and his family would do every bit to provide him the needful but still that wasn’t enough. “We spend around Rs 1500 every month on Namit’s diet,” says Rajaram. Having spent most of his investments, the father is now retired and Rajaram has taken over to meet the family expenses through his job.

Having said that, some private bodies have come up and recognized Namit’s achievement. “Tata Steel apparently has a cheque for Rs 50,000 ready but can’t hand it over as Namit doesn’t have a PAN card. We have also applied to Mittal Trust for financial aid,” Rajaram adds.

If I say that Namit doesn’t need to look back now, I would be wrong. He has a family to support and unfortunately the state of sports in India, other than cricket, has not hit the greener pastures yet in terms of sportsmen earning good money. I hope Namit’s case becomes an exception and he scales greater heights as he is our ‘Star of the Day’.

4 Responses to “Namit Bahadur – Champion Boxer”

  1. This is pity that we let the talents of our nation waste like this. There is no dearth of finances. Government must come forward to support bright stars like Namit. I salute him, his dedication and achievements on behalf of each and every Indian.
    Don’t ever give up Namit. You are a true inspiration for all of us.

  2. namit …..congrats for ur great sucess…..!Robert Browning , a great poet once said……..” I have ever been fighter so one fight more ,The best and the last ” !
    I expect come forward n respect Namit’s hardships

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