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Devika Rotawat – Against Terrorism

stop terrorismIt takes some courage to stand in the courtroom as an eye witness. At a place where even the most strong-hearted get goose bumps, a 10-year-old girl seemed unfazed and resolute to bring a terrorist – who rendered her disabled – to justice. 

Devika Rotawat was like any other schoolgirl until that nightmarish evening of November 26, 2008, when she became one of the targets of the bullets that Ajmal Amir Kasab fired from his AK-47 on innocent commuters at the CST station.  Devika was there that day with her father and brother to board a train to Pune. In their attempt to run away while Kasab was firing blindly, a bullet hit Devika on the right leg. The traumatic incident left her disabled and forced her to drop out of school.

Call it destiny or something else, Kasab was caught alive in that attack and God presented Devika a chance she was longing for. The court hearing Kasab’s case identified Devika as the youngest eye witness and called her to identify him during the proceedings.

On the day of the hearing, Devika entered the courtroom held by her father in his arms, after which she approached the witness box on crutches. Being initially overawed by the surroundings, Devika was comforted by the judge who ordered to leave the door of the witness box open. “He is the one,” she boldly replied while pointing towards Kasab when the judge asked her to identify him. She further added, “Jab bhagwan ki kasam khate hai, tab jhooth nahi bolte” (you don’t lie when you take an oath in the name of God). She looked self-assured and fearless in her identification of Kasab as one of the two terrorists she saw shooting madly at people on November 26.

We don’t know when this world is going to be terrorism-free and the bloodshed will stop, but what we know for sure is that Devika has done the most she could have done and is undoubtedly our valiant ‘Star of the Day’.

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