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Dutch Cricket Team – Defeated England in World Cup

holland teamThe mecca of cricket – Lord’s – would have imagined a red and blue beginning as it’s playing field embraced the third guise of cricket, the T20 format, for the first time during the inaugural match of the ICC World T20 World Cup between the host England and the Netherlands. Instead, orange became the flavor and color of the day.

Many would have given this match a miss and opted to see Roger Federer in action in the French Open semifinal. While Federer too played his heart out to reach the final, 11 men in orange were busy scripting a golden chapter in their cricketing history which is still considered in its infancy.

The first half of the England innings didn’t seem too encouraging for the viewers who were hoping the Dutch to put up a stout defence. However, in the latter part, they restricted England from scoring big and were set a target of 163.

The Dutch didn’t start too well, losing a wicket in the first over itself but after that they displayed a fearless approach towards their target, as if it was a question of life and death. Reekers provided the spark at the start which later spread into flames named Grooth, Borren and Doeschate. They flayed the English attack to all parts of the ground and the orange seemed to be engulfing the red and blue. England were staring at something they wouldn’t have dreamt of and it slowly but surely started becoming something inevitable. The Dutch had an answer to everything that was thrown at them.

However, both teams were unaware what was in store for them: a finish that could give anyone a heart attack. It came down to who blinks first and the Englishmen faltered. Holland needed 2 off the last ball. Stuart Broad, the bowler, bowled a good last ball that was hit straight back to him. He fielded cleanly, the batsman ran. Broad had all three stumps to aim at the bowling end but he missed. That was not all. To everybody’s surprise, there was nobody backing up Broad’s throw and it went over which gave Dutchmen that extra run required for victory.

The men in orange couldn’t believe their luck. The whole dugout ran onto the field to lift their heroes up. Hugs, jumps, dives followed. This was like the World Cup to them. Why not, this was their first win over any Test-playing nation and that too in a big event like the World Cup. Whatever happens next in the tournament for them, the Dutch will savor this moment for the rest of their lives. Yes, this team is our ‘Star of the Day’.

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