What you aspire can be achieved


Many of you might have seen this in the Inboxes of your mail accounts but that’s not a deterrent for me to showcase and bring to you this amazing story in pictures. Each time I look at it, I learn a new lesson.

My Advice: View one picture at a time. Don’t rush, go slow! 

My Request: I have never asked for your comments. I have always left it to your discretion whether you want to comment or not. But for this one story, I would like to make a humble request to please comment, not to lengthen the comment thread but to learn a different lesson that my eyes might have missed.


How cute he is to imitate a human walk. Isn’t it!


Aha! He is a star I guess. Performing in a classroom, much to the kids’ delight.


And he knows how to look after his companions at home.


You still think he was entertaining?


Ah, that can’t be true! My heart goes out for him! Suddenly, I find my existence minuscule in front of his speechless doggedness!


He is welcomed everywhere he goes. The strength of his character is so uplifting.


Oh boy, let me take you in my arms!


At the right place, teaching determination!


A pat on the back for giving us a silent lesson on willpower.

This blog salutes one of our brightest star until now to become ‘STAR OF THE DAY’.



Kantha Singh_2Kantha Singh has three biological children but he doesn’t have his kids living with him. His ‘immediate family’ disengaged it’s relation with him due to his love for his ‘extended family’: the 42 orphan kids he has adopted. On hearing 3-year-old Nani – one of his adopted children – crying, Singh leaves the scene to pick him up.

About 200 km north of Ranchi in India is a village called Dampara in Jharkhand’s East Singhbhum district, which is house to Kantha Singh’s orphanage where he is bringing up these kids. What’s more astonishing is the way he raises these deserted children of tribal communities. He begs to feed them!

This 45-year-old former car mechanic had to shut down his garage to convert it into a makeshift shelter cum school. So for the welfare of these children and more importantly to feed them, he now begs and offers free services in villages with a group of volunteers. “I don’t feel any humiliation begging for alms as I am carrying out God’s work,” he says. On occasions, however, such miniscule offerings are not enough. “At times, we just have salt and rice to eat. Some day, I hope these children get an education and go on to become government babus (officers),” says a hopeful Singh.

Singh’s care, love and concern for his kids echo in his statement: “Reckless alcoholism and the polygamy leave tribal children to fend for themselves. Once orphaned, these children either die prematurely or spend their childhood working as bonded labourers in farmhouses and fields.”

Kantha Singh_1The destitute state of Kantha Singh and his adopted children, however, may soon be over. Hearing his soul-touching story, the President of India Mrs. Pratibha Patil invited him to visit her at the Rashtrapati Bhavan (President’s residence). The President’s office promised extended support to Singh in his selfless endeavor.

Neelkanth, Mamoni and Sonamoni are three of the 42 kids to whom Kantha Singh is a father figure. When asked of their father’s name, they promptly reply, “My father’s name is Kantha Singh.” That, for me, sums up the bonding between this God-like soul and his lovable kids.

I, on behalf of Star of the Day, call for as much support as possible for this man’s efforts. Those who wish to come forward can log on to and indicate their willingness to help in whatever way they can. Let’s help the efforts of Kantha Singh, our ‘Star of the Day’.


‘Star of the Day’ is privileged to announce the addition of a new feature: GUEST POST. As an endeavor to introduce those who have been frequent visitors to this blog and helped it grow in any aspect, we would invite them to write a ‘guest post’ on a subject of their choice. It might not be related to this blog but the sheer presence of those loving individuals here will be a source of inspiration and motivation to keep watering the plant called ‘Star of the day’.

So beginning today, we have invited an eminent writer and reviewer of books – Rebecca Anne Emrich – from Canada to share her viewpoints on the ‘art of writing’. It was a stroke of good fortune that I came across her wonderfully enriching blog titled ‘Living a Life of Writing’, which gave me an in-depth knowledge about writing. Following her blog has become almost second habit for me and it gives me immense pleasure to be able to post her golden words on my blog. So without eating up more space, I would let her words take over. Read on!

WHAT’S CHALLENGING WHEN YOU WRITE? (Guest Post by Rebecca Anne Emrich)

That’s the one important question I’ve had to ask myself, how does one person get about 3,000 words done in a day and I’m happy if I get 750? It used be this way, but now I’m not.

It wasn’t until recently that I looked over my answer. Because I’m happy? No, no! I’m not! But that doesn’t make me want to write more. In fact often it makes me want to do the very opposite, stop writing, do something anything else. If it goes on to long, it can even become the excuse of the day. Some call it “priorities” some call it “breaking” some will call it more bluntly “lazy”. I call it the beginning of an art form that every profession and aspiring professional writer fears.

For me it’s the art of procrastination, the fine art, which I’m certain everyone has, and every write does to a certain degree.

Planning and dreaming of what you are going to do is one thing. While you’re planning and dreaming, you’re really not doing anything. While thinking and planning are good and I do this often, the commitment to writing id difficult. I can make some very convincing excuses. One of my friends, over an evening of discussing writing, (This is a guy thing… so the effect didn’t work as well on me) said writers should drop the “pro” and the “ination” add a couple of letters and you will get: Castrate.

I laughed, but the boys didn’t seem to be pleased with my sense of humor. The point is that when you’re happy with “just” what you are doing will be exactly that. Just. I believe it’s because we want to do better that is why we get angry, or upset, at the writers who won’t let excuses, and double thinking get in their way. Yes, I know you have kids, you only have twenty-four hours in a day, you need to work, you need to eat, you need to sleep, you need family time, you need time for yourself.

Do you NEED to write? 


See, many writers find a million excuses not to write or edit or do something we all dislike. But we lose in the end. It’s not easy to think of what we can do when we’re finding things not to do. I love writing, and it comes first, well second. I have two girls under the age of five. I still find time to work around this. Coffee or tea is great to drink while I type away. I don’t go to the latest movie or spend time reading the new bestseller. I have writing and creating to do. Each day I’ll work about 6 hours on my book. It’s on the final edit. My editor also thinks like a reader, and thank goodness for that.

Writing can be challenging, but it’s also fun. If you are committed to writing and publishing, there will be highs and lows and challenges and excuses. Commitment is vital and so is passion and love of writing. Challenge yourself and have fun. Each day is new and each day has its own rhythm but also a routine; use both to your advantage. Keep pen to paper and no excuses and you will succeed in your goal of becoming a published author or a better writer.

My Question for you is this: What are your excuses and why do you use them?

Thanks so much to JS for giving me this privilege to write on his blog. I hope you have enjoyed my perspective on the basic challenges every writer faces. JS is a wonderful writer, and I have no doubt he will be a successful published author soon.


Rani VermaA 17-year-old being able to write, draw and use a cell phone and laptop is not something one would take note of; anybody in that age-group can do it with consummate ease. But this 17-year-old named Rani Verma is different. Why? Because she does it with her feet.

Rani Verma is surviving on two limbs since the age of nine when she lost her arms to a pumping accident. Those eight years from the day her arms were completely amputated to today knit a story that gives me goose bumps. Surviving just on feet is no mean feat. Rani owes it to her late mother who made her believe that life doesn’t end here.

“Both my arms had to be amputated fully. Even though I was a girl, my mother Suryapati Devi – a teacher at a primary school – taught me to write with my toes,” says Rani. She found it disrespectful initially to touch the books with her feet. “Wouldn’t it amount to dishonoring the goddess Saraswati (Indian deity who gives knowledge)?” Rani questioned herself. Nonetheless, she had her mother by her side then who helped Rani overcome her reservations.

“My mother died of a stroke the day before my class 10 examination. On her deathbed, she told me not to give up my studies. I will definitely become an engineer and join the Indian Administrative Service,” a resolute Rani uttered. Her words are backed by evidence to show. This woman of substance from the Dallipur village in Varanasi, India, has passed the Uttar Pradesh Technical University entrance exam and is set to pursue her engineering degree at the RKGIT College at Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh, India. “We will bear all her expenses. She is a brilliant girl,” said the college Chairman, D. K. Goel.

In a country where the girl child is still an unwanted lot, Rani’s father, Ramesh Chand Verma, has set an example for the rest to follow. Raising a child who has no arms and no mother by her side is no petty job. He is a smalltime farmer but never let the financial constraints come in way of Rani’s studies. He made sure that she got what she wanted when it came to completing her education and realizing her dream. “We never considered her a burden for being a girl. She changed her own destiny and one day will change ours too,” said a strong-hearted and hopeful father.

Rani is about to start the journey towards realizing her cherished dream of becoming a mechanical engineer. God willing, she will go on to become an officer in the Indian Administrative Services one day but she is already our ‘Star of the Day’.